Old Prints


^ A superb oil painting only discovered in 2011 by John Crosland, painted in 1866.
^  Louis Graham circa 1900 for Feathered World ^ Anon
^ Anon ^ Pair of Birchens or Brown Reds is by Van Gink, Holland
^ Two single birds are by American Albert Brust drawn in 1961 and 1963
Robinson Compliment Slip Belgium illustration. Possibly in the 50/60's
^ A J Compton of Sydney, NSW did these 3 fine illustrations in 1897
^ Evolution of MG, 1911 ^ Development of Modern Game
^ These four delightful prints are by Edwin Megargee, USA, 1911

^ A F Lydon,1898

American, Roy Getz 1965
^ 6 delightful German prints of unknown origin, they are marked Zuchter on the bottom
 and one would guess their age as about 1910
^ This is the earliest I can find, by Harrison Weir in 1872.
Exhibition Modern Game in their transition period
^ Large Modern Game
^ A superb early English oil painting sent in by Val Kelly from Australia. Any ideas who the painter is? Black Red 1936
4 Prints from Ludlow from Lewis Wrights Poultry Book circa 1910
^ Ludlow from Feathered World ^ Ludlow
Cassells Poultry book was illustrated by Ludlow.
These 3 prints are really beautifully made Chromolithographs from a later edition of this Cassells Book.
All the birds are named together with the honours they achieved.
The dates of the poultry on the prints is 1885 and 1886. This edition book was published about 1900
^ A F Lydon for Feathered World ^ MGBC of America, 1962
^ This illustration was drawn from life by A J Simpson at Crystal Palace
1910. The bird belonged to W Coutts and was in pen no.4060
^ Piles and Birchens are by A O Schilling in 1952 ^
^ Kurt Zander
^ Ernest Whippel circa 1900

^ A set of 7 Ludlow Prints from the earliest Cassell's Poultry Book. These prints are Chromolithographs,
a process where different stone blocks were used to print each colour.


^ These six excellent prints painted in1913 by Kurt Zander
kindly submitted by Anders Clarhäll from Stockholm, Sweden.
The Birchens are large fowl and the Pile and Duckwings are bantams.